one trip, 1000 experiences- AnaÏS's jOURNEY TO kenyA

The organisation, the work

Coming in Kenya with Manafikio Organisation was an amazing experience. Diana, who is with us almost the whole trip is a very nice person, an amazing woman. If you stay with her, you will see the strength of her projects, and you will not be able to forget them! She always takes care of the volunteers, and she is passionate about her work.
I personally went volunteering for the construction project, eco-green school in Mbogolo.

At first, I was the only volunteer, and I was afraid to not be able to help. In fact, it was easy, I just took my place and when the workers saw that I were interested and motivated, the began to explain me how to help them. Finally, I am glad that I was alone because it helps me having a relationship with the locals first, and then with the other volunteers when they came. Even if the communication might be hard at the beginning, you will probably find yourself laughing all together, without even talking.

The construction work is physical, and you must be focus, but it is always a good time to share with the other workers, and with the children when the work is finished. It is quite logical, but do not forget you will work with your muscles, under the sun!! (do not forget sunscreen and water).


Free time, life in Malindi

After work, you are free to do whatever you want, as long as you do not put yourself in a dangerous situation, of course. There are a lot of very cute and nice places where you can chill, have a drink, or eat. The beach is quite near to the place we were living, also is the shop. There are some other activities that you can do like the Hell’s kitchen, safari in Tsavo, snorkeling in Watamu….

About the duties, you will wash your clothes by hand, and of course participate for cooking and cleaning the house.



Meeting other volunteers is also part of the experience. Sometimes you will have to be patient or understanding, but for sure you will meet friends, and have a good time with them.


what i will remember

I bring with me the memories of sharing, the laughs, the smiles. Everything about my trip made me grow up or made me have a good time.